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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gah! I've gone missing again!

The past couple weeks are going NOT WELL.

After the Hubs lost his job, I moped (and therefore inhaled things) for a few days.

But now, no time to inhale.  Also no time to think or exercise.

I'm prepping things, revamping bills, cancelling cable, pre-cooking meals so the food we already have doesn't go bad (did I mention we're waiting for a review on whether we'll get unemployment.  yeahhh), looking for more side-jobs (or hell, a 'front' job if someone will hire me).

ADD to that, that the Small One is starting his transition home.  Meaning packing bags, extra appointments, and dealing with some truly impressive behavioral stuff.

So time to take care of myself is in short supply.  Which is something that is often true for many of us... but wow.  It's a major issue in my life (always putting others first... but not in a good way) which probably (and by probably I mean DUH) affects my weight as well.  I had been making progress (Guitar lessons, anyone?  Yeah, those are cancelled due to finances.  Sigh.)... now... well.

So that's what's happening.  Hopefully I'll have time to refocus and make some progress after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully back in the 260's (or better) by the holidays...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Challenge Aborted...

The first day of the challenge was perfect.  I even had pictures of each meal (and lemmie tell ya, kale is NOT for me.  Holy fuck.).  I worked out hard, and ate around 1300 calories (so I netted about 700, schweeeet).

And then yesterday happened.

My Husband lost his job.  Second one in a year.  This time there's no severance or health insurance because he was flat out 'let go,' as opposed to getting caught up in layoffs at the last job.

I proceeded to emotionally react and panic eat for a couple hours.  We know how that goes.

I thought about getting back on the challenge today, but then I looked in my fridge at how many things could be used in premade meals and frozen for the future.  Meaning we could afford to have 'good' veggies in our diet for at least a month (unemployment- which may or may not kick- in juuust covers the mortgage and electric.  Car insurance and food come out of savings.  Ramen, here we come.  Fuck.).

So, challenge aborted in the interest of the whole family being healthy a little longer.

Hopefully he lines something up very, very soon...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Challenge Next Week...

I think I'm overdue for a food challenge.

Not to mention that a week of Halloween candy floating around leads me to believe I might need to reboot my system a bit.  Yikes.

I am as yet breaking down exactly what I will be doing.

I'm thinking mostly Paleo (ish), with a leaning towards raw foods as well.

I considered doing just raw for a week, but with a Husband and kid to feed, and without the time to cook (well, prepare) multiple meals every evening, it's not realistic.

I'll be going high in protein, low-ish in carbs (fruits and veggies ok, bread not so much), low in dairy (Paleo calls for none, but Metformin calls for at least 4oz of milk to coat my stomach when I take it.  Either that or bread.  I'll go milk or yogurt.), and fruits and veggies will be raw most of the time (steamed at dinner with the fam).  I'll be cutting back on salt, and eliminating added fats and oils.

I doubt this would be sustainable long term, but I think it's just what I need to reset my cravings and cleanse my system a bit.

I'll try to post meal plans as I work them out...

I will also be sticking with my combination exercise plan I've been doing for a while.  Cardio, weights, and interval training rotated 5 days a week.  I will be adding dance classes soon (yay Groupon)- but I'm not sure whether it will be next week or not.  If it is, I'll mention it in the daily breakdowns.

Wish me luck!


Here are my plans:

Food Challenge Outline

Green Tea, Egg(s), 1 Raw Veg., 1 Fruit

1 Fruit, 1 Serving Nuts

1 Green Leafy Veg., 1 Raw Veg., 1 Serving Seeds, 1 Fruit

2 or more Cut Raw Veg, 1 serving Hummus or Guacamole

Protein, 1 Raw Veg., 1 Cooked Veg., 1 Starchy Veg.

Green Tea, 1 fruit, 1 Serving Nuts or Seeds

A combo of Raw Food and Paleo Diets (totally raw is impossible with Hubs and Kiddo to feed- I can‘t imagine that going well).

Drink only water*, except Green Tea in place of coffee.  No dairy*, added fats, or processed anything.

*I’m allowing myself up to 12oz (4oz at a time) of milk or yogurt a day if needed (Paleo doesn’t allow it, but my Meds affect my stomach sometimes.  I think dairy is a better choice to soothe it than bread would be.).

I have a log I'll be filling in daily, but it can't get it into the blog for some reason...