LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Week Down (Again)

Down 2.8.

That's 249.2- back under the 50 mark again!  w00t!

I maybe overdid slightly on the exercise on Thursday, but I'm actually a little glad about it.  It gives me a more realistic view of where I'm at fitness wise.  I felt ok during the workout- but the soreness persists three days later... oops (a little soreness is a sign you worked hard... still needing to use the counter to lower yourself to the toilet? maybe a little far).  So I'll regroup and get back to it (in a more reasonable fashion).

Food issue win:  The boyfriend and I got chinese food the other night.  I got something veggie heavy and only ate an actual serving of the rice (as opposed to the HEAP that they give you)-  but he ordered me a combo because that's what I usually get...  And I reaaalllyyyy wanted that egg roll.  SO, instead of punishing myself by denying something I wanted OR busting the day with 400 cals of fried- I had half.  I had a reasonable amount of something I wanted and didn't let it spin me out for the day, didn't overdo.

Pretty proud of myself, actually, considering how much trouble I had been having the past few weeks this first week 'back' had relatively few bumps.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, Haaaiiii...

Remember that time when I didn't blog for over a year?


But I'm back.  Or at least trying to be.

In the last year I moved, got a crappy job, finalized the divorce, got a new kitten, met an amazing guy, moved in with him..., yeah, I've been busy.  Busy enough to forgive myself for not finding the time to type out my little journal, that's for sure.

For the greater part of the year I have been mindful of my intake (though admittedly far from always... and I can't escape the junk in my presence since the BF lives on it), but have had very little time for exercise (though my job is very physical, so no doubt that helped me a lot).

My lowest weigh-in when I was on-track was 244.4.

I am currently 252.

Less then 8lbs gained back?  In a year?  Considering my food issues and the rate at which I usually yo-yo, I'm thrilled.

My ED is flaring up a lot, though.  Certain triggers have been kicking my ass and sending me all off kilter (trying to get a better job, not hearing back... loss of control/not feeling 'good enough' in general seems to be the big one), making me anxious; one day I binge, the next I restrict.

So, I am back to make myself accountable and so that if it looks like I'm getting too crazy someone can call me on it (seriously, feel free ;-) ).  I'm allowing myself a lot of leeway at first (anywhere between 1400-1800 cals daily, and a reasonable amount of exercise like cardio and yoga- not straight to obsessive HIIT or anything), so that I can ease back into being healthy and not get crazy all at once...

I've been tracking food since Sunday, and today I did my first 'real' workout (30 mins yoga and 20 mins cardio).

And just for the record- I have to laugh because, as we've been most of out lives, my bestie (over at Back to MILF Status) and I are on the same page.  I started tracking again on Sunday (the 21st) and trolled my way to my blog Monday... and whaddya know?  She started posting on Friday.  Crazy.