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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Missed Check-ins

Soo... I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.


I kept oversleeping on Sundays (my usual weigh-in day) and forgetting to hit the scale before I headed out to work.

I have been keeping an eye on things, weighing occasionally but not oficially, etc.

And I'm maintaining.

236.4 this morning (maintained from last week).

I'm not thrilled, but I'm not surprised.

I have been hitting the gym, but not as much.  Watching my intake sometimes, indulging sometimes.  Not sleeping nearly enough, but trying out this whole 'having a life' thing.

Basically doing exactly what I hope to when I hit goal.  Maintaining a balance...

Problem being I'm a long ways away from goal, lol.  But then again, in the past if I wasn't paying utterly exacting attention I would immediately pack pounds back on... so sanity and maintenance is something new.  And I'm pretty proud of that, too.

I have been going to local NA meetings lately, to support someone close to me, and find they really help me.  Like much more than I would've anticipated.  I had stopped into an OA meeting a time or two before, and was very turned off by them (partly because OA is pretty specific to OA and not broader ED as addiction, and partly because I didn't exactly gel with middle-aged biblethumping women... glad that works for them, but lightyears away from my reality); NA meetings, however, appeal to me much more.  They're a far less judgemental group and the definition of addiction is much broader, as is their 'higher power' outlook (vs a Christian God).

Every little bit, I suppose.

Also, I'm testing out a bit of aversion therapy on myself tonight.  We're having some people over to swim... and I'm wearing a bikini... and, theoretically at least, the world probably won't end.  Wish me luck.

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